The best question to ask yourself

Self doubt can creep in at the most annoying times anytime you’re trying to achieve something. I’ve dealt with severe self doubt my whole life and could never figure out why, but hey….it was a thing.

So, I created a question to ask myself to immediately shut down fear and self doubt from taking over my thoughts.

That question is “But what if?” Anytime I find myself going down the crappy rabbit hole of doubt and that annoying inner voice says “you can’t do that,”……I now follow that up with “but what if?”

  • But what if I could?
  • But what if I tried something different?
  • But what if did anyways?
  • But what if I changed my mindset around this?

Those are just a few of the different ways you can use this phrase to smash self doubt in the face and look at any situation differently. Love over Fear, my friends!

– Heather

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