Taking Action on Your Goals


Take action on your goals and dreams. 

Start by making a list of the bigger goals, break them down into smaller goals and then into actionable steps. Execute on them daily so you see your progress and know where you are.

Remember your WHY behind them to motivate you. 

Another HUGE way to reach them is to put them up on a vision board where you can see then everyday. Visualize yourself achieving them everyday before you sleep. Feel the feelings of how it will feel once you’ve achieved it. Feel from that future state – this is the secret sauce to manifesting!

Feel everything from that future state of already having it and see what happens. IF you do this daily, you’ll be 100 times more likely to achieve your goals.

I personally do this and have achieved everything I’ve set my mind to. If you don’t, it’s because you didn’t focus on that particular goal as much as the others. Try again. You WILL achieve your goals if you align yourself to the end result and the energy of having it already.

xo – Heather

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